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The mRNA-Based »Vaccine« Technology

Publisher: MWGFD; published on February 8, 2024Authors: Klaus Steger, Prof Dr, Molecular BiologistAlexandra Henrion Caude, Prof Dr, Epigeneticist It is finally time for everbody to actively engage in bringing an end to real disinformation! We are now ready to publish – as announced – the two-page leaflet ’Game Over’ in German and in English. All […]

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Fact-checking the Nobel Prize in Medicine

Publisher / Editor: MWGFD, published 9th November 2023 Authors: Prof Dr Klaus Steger, molecular biologist, University of Giessen and Dr Christof Schalhorn, expert for medical devices The biggest crimes against humanity are apparently awarded with the Nobel Prize these days. The so-called ‘fact checkers‘ of the mainstream will not be able to dispute the fact […]