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The mRNA-Based »Vaccine« Technology

Publisher: MWGFD; published on February 8, 2024
Authors: Klaus Steger, Prof Dr, Molecular Biologist
Alexandra Henrion Caude, Prof Dr, Epigeneticist

It is finally time for everbody to actively engage in bringing an end to real disinformation!

We are now ready to publish – as announced – the two-page leaflet ’Game Over’ in German and in English.

All the facts are being revealed bit by bit, even if  BioNTech/Pfizer and Moderna still maintain their air of supposed superiority.  The two scientists Prof Dr Klaus Steger and Prof Dr Alexandra Henrion Caude, with the aide of Dr Michael Palmer, declare the game to be over. On the following two pages, the scientists swiftly unravel the myths claimed by the ’vaccine’ manufacturers.

Molecular biologist Prof Dr Klaus Steger, who with scientific courage debunked the 2023 Nobel Prize in Medicine as a mere marketing campaign, and Prof Dr Alexandra Henrion Caude, a geneticist specialising in the field of RNA and epigenetics, casually disprove the false claims made by manufacturers and politicians, echoed willingly and unreflectedly by mainstream media. Based on sound scientific research the two scientists also demonstrate how dangerous the mRNA-based ’vaccine’ technology actually is. Prof Dr Klaus Steger already vividly illustrated in the article dated 29th January 2024, how ’vaccination’ with the modRNA technology is comparable to a horde of Trojan hoses gaining access to and control over our bodies. Step by step the false promises made by Big Pharma in regards to safety are being dismantled here:

  • „It’s a vaccine“
  • „It’s mRNA“
  • „The vaccine remains in your muscle“
  • „Your body only produced the desired antigen, nothing more“
  • „mRNA cannot be incorporated into your genome“

Please read and share this leaflet which is easily understandable and highlights based on sound scientific research that it is the mRNA-based ’vaccine’ technology itself, which is the problem!