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Let‘s File Lawsuits All Across Europe

published on February 13, 2024

Calling on anybody adversely affected by the pandemic and on those who support them

In recent years, the measures implemented against Covid-19 as well as the so-called ’vaccines’ have caused an incredible amount of human suffering. Countless people have experienced physical, psychological, and economic damage, and even death. The majority of the affected have little or no prospect of receiving any form of compensation. With this entire disaster having been systematically caused by numerous bureaucrats acting as henchmen for the financial and pharmaceutical companies, it is now difficult to hold those responsible to account.

Most of those responsible, having in mutual co-operation unscrupulously prepared the process in its entirety, followed by ruthlessly carrying it out, are in key positions of power. Sales contracts with Big Pharma were concluded, evidently harmful to the population from the very beginning. Now the culprits are attempting to deny any level of responsibility for the damage caused, despite contracts having been leaked and made public, although utmost efforts were undertaken to keep these contracts secret.

As law and order no longer appear to function properly in most nations, it is practically hopeless for individual victims to obtain any form of compensation. A transnational alliance with the victims and their supporters is therefore now organising numerous criminal complaints against those in positions of responsibility. The criminal charges are to be filed simultaneously throughout Europe, if possible accompanied by demonstrations, so that the public eye shall be drawn towards and follow the filing of the numerous criminal charges, akin to a ’public court’.

Anybody having suffered or experienced any kind of damage by any of the measures implemented in recent years, both as pharmaceutical or non-pharmaceutical interventions, or anybody wishing to support the campaign is encouraged and asked to participate, in order to bring to justice those responsible and finally hold them accountable – so the victims may exercise their right to compensation. The filing of a criminal complaint is free of charge!

Anybody willing to take part in this campaign should register here, including their names and contact details:


Anyone collecting participants for the campaign should report this to „[email protected]“ to receive further information.

Registered participants will be informed about the campaign’s progress. Any data entered will be treated in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations and will exclusively be used for this campaign.

MWGFD and the citizens‘ initiative GemeinWohl-Lobby hope for numerous supporters!

Enclosed the call as download: