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#MyDataMyChoice – NO To Digital Slavery!

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Nobody has the intention to introduce a digital vaccination card…

Nobody has the intention to abolish cash…

The digitalisation of our lives is on the advance and no one is noticing this. In the shadow of Corona, war and the claimed climate catastrophe, the dystopia of the „transparent citizen“ is slowly becoming reality. Unless we all intervene quickly and massively against it. The chairpersons of the association, Prof. Dr Sucharit Bhakdi and Dr Ronald Weikl, have therefore decided, on the initiative of the activist Mascha Orel, to make the danger of the digitalisation of our lives more visible under the campaign name #MyDataMyChoice.

While one crisis follows the next, our gaze is foreign-navigated from one theatre to the next, the „digital-financial complex“ in the background has laid the groundwork for complete digital control. This is not alarmist hyperbole, but a tone of maximum emphasis. For too long we have been on the „Corona“ scene. And long before the crisis was staged, we had succumbed to convenience.

The US just developed digital central bank currency (CBDC), G20 want to make digital health passports a permanent requirement for freedom of travel, electronic medical records are on their way despite potential for abuse, and WHO bluntly says they will have access to them. While „clear-sighted“ fact-checkers assure us „No, no social credit system like in China is to be introduced in Germany“, that disciplinary model has long been in the implementation phase in Bologna, Vienna and Bavaria (see, see).

MWGFD therefore sees the urgent to focus on the real invisible danger, namely the danger of digitalisation, at the levers of which the wrong people are sitting. There is no question that digitalisation has brought many freedoms. But at a time when the push towards transhumanism is gathering momentum with undisguised determination, it is important to warn of the risks. The advertising drum for the benefits finally stirs all by itself: „You will own nothing and be happy“ (WEF founder Klaus Schwab) is supposed to be the new understanding of freedom from the point of view of elitists who deny humans any free will.

The three-year state of emergency has shown how easily people can be programmed – without the covert use of algorithms, but by means of crude propaganda. Certainly, it is not the technology that is to be assessed as good or evil, but the way it is used. We have all become accustomed to the digital companion called smartphone, voluntarily put bugs in our own four walls and cuddle unconcernedly with the data octopuses Google, Facebook & Co. that are strangling us. Therefore, it is now more important than ever to look at the other side of this coin.

All those who want to make their own decisions about their personal lives in the future, who do not want to let their understanding of freedom be defined by a few, are advised to take back and retain control over their own data. For the greater the digital comfort and the more decisions are taken from us, the more difficult it will be to free ourselves from the insidious tentacles. Conversely, the more people demand sovereignty over their own data, the more difficult it will be for the Silicon Valley prophets to push through their anti-life agenda. How do we succeed? Quite simply, according to Mascha Orel:

We have consented to the misuse of our data. In the same way, we can take back control of it. This tool is called data protection. We only need to make use of our right.

Mascha Orel: activists and co-founder of „weforhumanity

We would like to thank Andreas Grimm, Gregor Kopka, Janko Williams and Mascha Orel for their support of the campaign…

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Prof. Dr Sucharit Bhakdi opens the series of contributions with a personal video-appeal, translated into 25 languanges: