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Urgent podcast recommendation !

Urgent podcast recommendation !

„Unmasking the harms of masking healthy children“

A recently published podcast with the german Clinical Psychologist Prof. Dr. Walach is worth to be listened!
A new blinded randomized studie, which went to 4 peer reviews is bringing up this alarming results:

Link to the studie, which was published online September 2022 :

‼️The Amount of inhaled carbondioxid is 6 x higher (13.000 ppm) than the safty limit (2000 ppm),
which was established 2008 by the german institution of environmental affairs‼️

?This Studie was promted by schools and parents. Since school-authorities were prohibiting the study from running in school, parents and reseachers came together and approached the german Clinical Psychologist Prof. Dr. Dr. Walach, who was leading and coordinating this studie.

?Prof. Dr. Walach is explaining in the podcast the basic setup of the study and is problematising the publication ethicsand how ethic committees are dealing with studies, which are revealing totally other results.

?His conclusion: /„It‘s a crime, because our children are conditioned to nonsensical behavior. It‘s not just bad for the health, it‘s also bad for the mental condition not knowing whom to trust. Each of us can push the enlightenment forward. Talk to children, talk to teachers… “/

?Sidenew: This upcoming Thursday the 22th (from 6 p.m. to 11. p.m. (UTC/GMT+2) you have the opportunity to get informed by experts like Prof. Dr. Walach, Prof. Dr. Kutschera, Prof. Dr. Burkhardt, Prf. Dr. Hüther, Martin Schwab and many more other well known speakers about the impact of wearing masks.

Here the streaming link to the online symposium: